The A.S.S. Thrifty may not be the biggest, fastest ship in the fleet, but its crew is the, um, well, they're something. There's: Captain Kahkay, who might just believe in himself a little too much; Lieutenant Commander M-, the Science Officer whose name is unpronounceable and unspellable to human beings, and who just might be evil; Chief Engineer Foley, who literally keeps the engines humming; Chief Medical Officer Doctor Who Grappa, as strong as she is monosyllabic; Lieutenant Commander Tokaladie, the communications chief, who is often undervalued; and Admiral Jamieson, the disgraced superior currently serving as their XO.

Each month, they explore the galaxy, encountering new races, including their arch rivals, the C'mons, and getting into trouble.

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Capt. Richard Kahkay ~ Nick Arganbright

Lt. Com. M- ~ Shane Stefanchik

Lt. Com. Tokaladie ~ Katie Boissoneault

Chief Engineer Foley ~ Seamus Talty

Dr. Who Grappa ~ Chase McCants

Neu - Kristin Green


Adm. Jamieson ~ Keith Jackson

(from left) Foley, Who, Neu, Jamieson, Tokaladie, Kahkay, M-

(from left) Foley, Who, Neu, Jamieson, Tokaladie, Kahkay, M-


#1 "God Man" ~ Kahkay meets the crew and Garry has an encounter with a god-like energy being. (Live Show 7/11/15 | Podcast 1/3/16) (Special Columbus Arts Fest Live Show 6/8/18)

#2 "Awshucks, Awshucks" ~ Kahkay has trouble securing a doctor. (Live Show 8/8/15 | Podcast 2/14/16)

#3 "The Conundrum With C'mons" ~ The crew protects a shipment of broccolilite from their rivals, the C'mons, who are vacationing on a space station where the harvested crop is stored. (Live Show 9/12/15 | Podcast 3/27/16) (Special Columbus Podcast Meetup Live Show 5/23/17 | Podcast 2/11/18)

#4 "Trapped on the Bridge" ~ The Thrifty is threatened by a superior alien spacecraft. (Live Show 10/10/15 | Podcast 4/24/16) (Special Starbase Columbus Edition Live Show 5/21/16 | Podcast 1/8/17)

#5 "Weekend at Commander Sanders'" ~ The crew go to Topleesia I, the party planet, to pick up a new crewman. (Live Show 11/14/15 | Podcast 5/15/16) (Special Comfest 2016 Edition Live Show 6/26/16)

#6 "Homesick for the Holidays" ~ A Christmas Vampire sucks dry the spirit of the holidays. (Live Show 12/12/15 | Podcast 6/19/16)

#7 "March to War Part I: The Barren World" ~ Captains Kahkay and Yeez compete for control of an uninhabited planet. (Live Show 2/13/16 | Podcast 7/24/16)

#8 "March to War Part II: Traitor in Their Midst" ~ Who on the Thrifty might be covertly trying to start a war between the A.S.S. and the C'mons? (Live Show 3/12/16 | Podcast Coming 8/21/16)

#9 "March to War Part III: Another Round" ~ Negotiations continue to break down, while the crew imbibes. (Live Show 4/9/16 | Podcast 9/11/16)

#10 "March to War Part IV: Off Course" ~ Revelations make some rethink their conclusions. (Live Show 5/14/16 | Podcast Coming 10/9/16)

#11 "March to War Part V: Cliffhanging" ~ Admiral Jamieson pursues a missing officer. (Live Show 6/11/16 | Podcast 11/6/16)

#12 "March to War Part VI: C'mon Conclusion" ~ The villain is revealed, and somebody gets what they deserve. (Live Show 7/16/16 | Podcast 12/11/16)



#13 "Kids These Days" ~ Kahkay answers a distress call and finds only children on a planet. (Live at OGP's West Grandview Fringe Festival 8/13/16 | Podcast 2/19/17)

#14 "Dirt in Your Eye" ~ A smuggler and a woman from Kahkay's past. (Live Show 8/20/16 | Podcast 3/12/17)

#15 "Women, Women, Everywhere" ~ Kahkay wonders if he needs to mend his wandering ways. (Live Show 9/3/16 | Podcast 4/16/17)

#16 "Who Who?" ~ A trip back to Who's planet makes the security chief rethink her career decisions. (Live Show 10/8/16 | Podcast 5/14/17)

#17 "Defrosted" ~ A man from the past proves a dangerous and deadly foe. (Live Show 11/19/16 | Podcast 6/25/17)

#18 "Gather 'Round the Fire" (Part 1 "The Funeral of Doctor Awshucks" / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5) ~ Packer and Ratcliff help Kahkay get over a loss. This was the framework story for our Christmas show. (Live Show 12/10/16 | Podcast 7/9/17-8/8/17)

#19 "Changes" ~ There are shifts in senior staff just before the crew encounters a deadly probe. (Special Guest Star Jesse Thorn) (Live Show 1/14/17 | Podcast 8/20/17)

#20 "Sneaking Around" ~ On a secret mission, Kahkay gets into trouble. (Live Show 2/11/17 | Podcast 9/24/17) Written by Jerome Wetzel and Nick Arganbright

#21 "It's All About Zee Part I" ~ Kahkay, Tokaladie, M-, and an ensign are kidnapped by a highly superior being. (Live Show 3/11/17 | Podcast 10/29/17) Written by Nick Arganbright

#22 "It's All About Zee Part II" ~ Zee toys with her captives and forces them to play a game. (Live Show 3/11/17 | Podcast 11/12/17) Written by Nick Arganbright

#23 "City of the Past That, In a Way, Exists Forever" ~ Kahkay and M- chase an insane Foley back in time. (Live Show 4/8/17 | Podcast 12/2/17)

#24 "Dirt's Women" ~ The mysteriously familiar Mr. Loam brings three mail-order brides aboard for transport. (Live Show at Columbus Podcast Festival 4/27/17 | Podcast 12/24/17)

#25 "Our Chief Foley" ~ Foley deals with an emergency on the Thrifty. (Live Show 5/13/17 | Podcast 1/7/18)

#26 "Journey of Babble" - The Thrifty transports an Ambassador. (Live Show 6/19/17 | Podcast 3/4/18)



#27 "False Echo" - M- finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings. (Live Show 7/15/17 | Podcast 4/8/18)

#28 "Judge Jimmy: Is M- Evil?" - In a crossover episode with The Good, The Bad, & The Geeky podcast, M- asks Judge Jimmy to rule once and for all if he is, indeed, evil. (Live Show 7/15/17 | Podcast 4/29/18) Written by Jerome Wetzel and Nick Arganbright

#29 "It's a Trap!" - The Thrifty comes to the aide of a colony attacked by C'mons. (Live Show 8/12/17 | Podcast 5/27/18)

#30 "Neu Life" ~ Tokaladie and Foley's secret project is revealed. (Live Show 9/9/17)

#31 "Waking Up Is Hard to Do" ~ The Thrifty's computer gains sentience. (Special Guest Star Justin McElroy) (Live Show 10/14/17)

#32 The Universe Journey RPG Event (Live Show 11/11/17)  Written by Nick Arganbright, Featuring:

  • "The Scary Dead: The Whole Problem"
  • "Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One: The Fox and the Hound"
  • "The Topnotch Tangler: Lucy in Disguise With Diamonds"
  • "Universe Journey: Roll of the Dice"

#33 "Sleigh Ride" - Lt. Com. Tokaladie does a rotation in security on the A.S.S. Meru. (Live Show 12/9/17)

#34 "Three 'Men' & An Infant" - A baby unexpectedly shows up at Foley's apartment. (Live Show 1/13/18)

#35 "Eee Zee Aaa" - An advanced life form wants to spend Valentine's Day with Kahkay. (Live Show 2/10/18)

#36 "The Dream" - Kahkay comes face-to-face with the captain of the best starsheep in the fleet, the A.S.S. Dream. (Special guest star Stephen Woosley) (Live Show 3/10/18)

#37 "Spring Break" ~ The crew stops off on a mysterious and dangerous planet. (Live Show 4/14/18)

#38 "Woman or Fauxman" - Neu's rights are called into question when the A.S.S. tries to seize her as property. (Live Show 5/12/18)

#39 "Old Dogs" - The crew begins aging rapidly. (Live Show at Columbus Podcast Festival 5/12/18)

#40 " Going Home" - Kahkay, M-, and Neu take leave in Buffalo, New York, Kahkay's home town. (Live Show at Comfest 6/22/18)

#41 "All Good Things... Part 1" - While Tokaladie takes her final command exam, the Thrifty responds to a distress call on the C'mon border. (Live Show 6/9/18)

#42 "All Good Things... Part 2" - The Thrifty faces off with an old frenemy in a winner-take-all matchup. (Live Show 7/14/18)


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