The Topnotch Tangler is a superhero who can untangle any knot and tangle with any villain that Tipp Town has to throw at her! Teamed up with the local police post, she keeps the city's streets clear by night while hiding in plain sight with her secret identity during the day. Of course, being a vigilante does complicate her love life...



The Topnotch Tangler / Kimberly Benson ~ Samantha Stark

Police Commissioner Carl Darling ~ Keith Jackson

Lieutenant Adam Carson ~ Joe Morales



#1 "Food Fight" ~ The Flimflam Floozy ruins a homeless shelter's dinner. (Live Show 8/8/15 | Podcast 1/17/16)

#2 "Signs of the Sexist" ~ Female-owned businesses are having their signage stolen! (Live Show 11/14/15 | Podcast 4/3/16) (Special Packrat Edition Live Show 5/7/16 | Podcast 9/18/16)

#3 "Ho, Ho, Oh No!" ~ Kim's holiday is derailed by a startling revelation (Live Show 12/12/15 | Podcast 6/12/16)

#4 "Danger at the Docks" ~ The Dockside Dangnabit nabs the Dockmaster as a storm rolls in. (Live Show 2/13/16 | Podcast 7/31/16)

#5 "Kite Caper" ~ A kite caper kicks Kim in the crotch (metaphorically speaking). (Live Show 4/9/16 | Podcast 10/23/16)

#6 "Sweet and Sour" ~ Kim's mentor comes to town as she faces a new villain and an emotional crisis. (Live Show 8/20/16 | Podcast 2/5/17)

#7 "Genesis" ~ Kim faces her toughest foe yet. (Live Show 10/8/16)

#8 "Ketchup" ~ Kim goes head-to-head with the villain that beat her. (Live Show 11/19/16)

#9 "Gather 'Round the Fire" ~ How Kim got her powers. (Live Show 12/10/16)

#10 "Deplorable Duet" ~ Two like-minded villains finally meet. (Live Show 2/11/17)

#11 "Perfect Weather" ~ Storm, Tornado, and Monsoon kidnap Carl, but they seem like pretty lame villains. (Live Show 3/11/17) Written by Nick Arganbright

#13 "Rhyme and Rhyme Again" ~ The Risky Rhymer puts innocent civilians in danger just to make a rhyme! (Live Show 4/8/17)