A plague has spread over humanity, killing off many and turning most of the rest into zombies. Too bad the disease doesn't explain why all the survivors have to devolve into stereotypes.


Coco and Courtney

Coco and Courtney


Katie Boissoneault as Courtney

Chase McCants as Coco



#1 "Break Out" ~ A family, a sassy man, and a lazy loser are trapped in a suburban house. (Live Show 7/11/15 | Podcast 1/24/16) (Special OGP's West Grandview Fringe Festival Edition 8/13/16 | Podcast 1/22/17)

#2 "Oh, Brother" ~ Two brothers find something unexpected. (Live Show 10/10/15 | Podcast 3/13/16)

#3 "The Road to Cincinnati" ~ Coco and Courtney try to make it to Cincinnati. (Live Show 1/9/16 | Podcast 5/8/16)

#4 "Strangers in the Woods" ~ Finding a group changes things for Coco and Courtney. (Live Show 2/13/16 | Podcast 7/17/16)

#5 "You Can't Survive Under a Dumpster" ~ Separation is rough, and staying alive is too easy. (Live Show 3/12/16 | Podcast 9/25/16)

#6 "The Wrong Crowd" ~ Another group. (Live Show 7/16/16 | Podcast 11/27/16)

#7 "Worlds Collide" ~ Two pods of people unexpectedly come into contact. (Live Show 9/3/16 | Podcast 3/26/17)

#8 "Gather 'Round the Fire" ~ An origin is revealed. (Live Show 12/10/16 | Podcast 7/30/17)

#9 "Descent Into Chaos" ~ The groups meet. (Live Show 3/11/17 | Podcast 11/5/17)

#10 "Final Four" ~ Who lives? Who dies? And what will the last four words be? Find out in the series finale! (Live Show 5/13/17 | Podcast 1/28/18)


BONUS: "The Scary Dead Post Mortem" - Most of the lead performers, including Chase and Katie, gather with writer Jerome Wetzel to discuss the series, now that it has come to an end. (Podcast 2/4/18)