Our own Keith Jackson makes up a playlist of songs every month that he recommends you listen to before watching the live show. Each title relates to something you're going to see, and it's fun to figure out how, some being less than obvious.

No band has endorsed us or anything, so we cannot make the music available here, but since he puts so much work into this (and he's awesome at it), we want to share his playlists with you. Feel free to check out the songs prior to listening to the relevant podcast episodes when they come out!


april 2017

Relates to IABD Madness, Universe Journey "City of the Past That, In a Way, Exists Forever," and The Topnotch Tangler "Rhyme and Rhyme Again."

  • Madness, Muse
  • Tomorrow's Just Another Day, Madness
  • Rhyme the Rhyme Well, Beastie Boys
  • Check the Rhime, A Tribe Called Quest


March 2017

Relates to Universe Journey "It's All About Zee Parts 1 & 2" and The Topnotch Tangler "Perfect Weather".

  • Playing With Lightning, Expansion Union
  • Evolution, 311
  • Cha Cha Slide, DJ Casper
  • She's Thunderstorms, Arctic Monkeys
  • Thundercleese, The Brak Show
  • Stormy Weather, Pixies
  • Stormy Weather, Ella Fitzgerald


february 2017

Relates to Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One "Blumpkin & Felchy", The Topnotch Tangler "Deplorable Duet," and Robbie "Robbie Sells Flashlights."

  • Monsters in the Parasol, Queens of the Stone Age
  • Do It Clean, Echo & The Bunnymen
  • Do It, Beastie Boys
  • Honey Honey, Damn the With Siren
  • The Anthem, The Honeys
  • Flashlight, Parliament
  • Flashlight, Jessie J
  • Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love), Joan Jett & Paul Westerberg


January 2017

Relates to Universe Journey "Changes" and Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One "The Hub."

  • D Is for Dangerous, Arctic Monkeys
  • Warning, All Too Much
  • Danger! High Voltage, Electric Six
  • The Danger Zone, Digital Underground
  • The Red, Chevelle
  • Monster, L7
  • Monsters in the Parasol, Queens of the Stone Age



Relates to Universe Journey "The Funeral of Dr. Awshucks" (and the previous month's UJ episode, "Defrosted").

  • Hey Man Nice Shot, Filter
  • Dead End Friends, Them Crooked Vultures
  • Instant Death, Beastie Boys
  • All My Dead Friends, The Town Monster
  • Every Planet We Reach Is Dead, Gorillaz
  • The Killing Moon, Echo & The Bunnymen
  • Green Bird, Gabriela Robin


November 2016

Relates to Packer & Ratcliff "Relish."

  • The Power of Love, Huey Lewis & The News
  • Rats, Sonic Youth
  • Rats, Pearl Jam
  • Cheesy Rat Blues, LL Cool J
  • Doubleback, ZZ Top
  • Rat Salad, Black Sabbath
  • Packshot, La Femme


September 2016

Relates to Universe Journey "Women, Women Everywhere," The Scary Dead "Worlds Collide," and Pornstar Detectives "Wherefore Art."

  • kool thing, Sonic Youth
  • Run the World (Girls), Beyonce
  • Planet of Women, ZZ Top
  • Simultaneous, Chef (South Park)
  • No You Girls, Franz Ferdinand
  • Pictures of You, The Cure
  • Foux Du Fafa, Flight of the Conchords


August 2016

Relates to Universe Journey "Dirt in Your Eye" and The Topnotch Tangler "Sweet and Sour."

  • We Care a Lot, Faith No More
  • Dirty Harry, Gorrilaz
  • Dirty Boys, David Bowie
  • dirty boots, Sonic Youth
  • Dirty Deeds, AC/DC
  • The Anthem, The Honeys
  • Get Tangled!, The Gravel Pit


June 2016

Relates to Universe Journey "March to War Part V: Cliffhanging."

  • War Pigs, Faith No More
  • Theme from The Warriors, Barry Vorzon
  • War with You, L7
  • C'Mon C'mon, The Von Bondies
  • C'Mon Billy, PJ Harvey
  • C'Mon Marianne, The Four Seasons