Amber and Staci are pornstars. And they're also detectives. Sort of. No case (or anything else) is too big or too small for these intellectually-challenged investigators, whose hearts and orifices are in the right place, most of the time. Can they actually solve the mysteries before them? Well, that remains to be seen.



Amber Showers ~ Amanda Iman

Staci Xxx ~ Samantha Stark

Bruce Jenner - Dallas Ray

(from left) Staci, Bruce, Amber

(from left) Staci, Bruce, Amber



#1 "And the Case of the Missing Dildo" ~ The girls' co-star, Elsa, has lost her favorite toy. (Live Show 7/11/15 | Podcast 1/10/16) (Special Comfest Edition Live Show 6/26/16 | Podcast 12/18/16)

#2 "And the Case of the Missing Youth" ~ The girls help out a cookie maker. (Live Show 9/12/15 | Podcast 2/28/16)

#3 "And the Case of the Missing Hans" ~ The girls investigate on Bruce's set. (Live Show 12/12/15 | Podcast 6/5/16)

#4 "And the Case of the Missing Merch" ~ Larry has been robbed! (Live Show 1/9/16 | Podcast 7/3/16)

#5 "And the Case of the Missing Crook" ~ The girls are asked to prove a thief is innocent. (Live Show 3/12/16 | Podcast 8/14/16)

#6 "The Really Gross Dead Body" ~ Amber and Staci investigate a real murder. For real. (Live Show 4/9/16 | Podcast 10/2/16) (Special OGP's West Grandview Fringe Festival Edition 8/13/16 | Podcast 5/7/17)

#7 "Training Day" ~ Can anyone teach our pornstars new tricks? (Live Show 5/14/16 | Podcast 11/13/16)

#8 "Dog Gone Gus" ~ Brentley's dog goes missing. (Live Show 6/11/16 | Podcast 1/29/17)



#9 "The Trial of Bruce Jenner" ~ Bruce finally gets his day in court. (Live Show 7/16/16 | Podcast 3/5/17)

#10 "Wherefore Art" ~ The Mayor asks Amber and Staci to recover a missing statue. (Live Show 9/3/16 | Podcast 4/9/17)

#11 "Gather 'Round the Fire" ~ Amber and Staci tell Brentley and Sage how they became pornstars. (Live Show 12/10/16 | Podcast 8/6/17)

#12 "And the Case of the Missing Career" ~ Amber and Staci look for work. (Live Show 1/14/17 | Podcast 8/27/17)

#13 "Back to Work" ~ Amber and Staci try to return to porn and detectiving. (Live Show 4/8/17 | Podcast 12/17/17)

#14 "Three's Company" - Staci is accused of stealing her ex-boyfriend, Kevin's, jacket. (Live Show 6/10/17 | Podcast 3/25/18)

#15 "Barbara Jean" - A client hires them to catch her neighbor being un-neighborly. (Special Guest Star Nikki Smith) (Live Show 8/12/17 | Podcast 6/3/18)

#16 "Brucie's Angels" ~ Amber and Staci get Elsa to help them find some lost keys. (Live Show 9/9/17)



#17 "The Bigly, Huge Mess" - Amber's cousin comes to town and causes a disaster. (Live Show 1/13/18)

#18 "Stripped Down" - Amber and Staci visit a strip club. (Live Show 2/10/18)

#19 "The Penislutimate Peril" - Staci and Amber take shelter with Brentley's family. (Live Show 4/14/18)

#20 "Year of Hell" - Staci and Amber return to where the mess started. (Live Show 5/12/18) (Series Finale)


Catch sixteen-year-old Amber in Packer & Ratcliff's episode July 2018.


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