IABD Madness is back for a second year! Last year's first- and second-place winners, Nicholas Ratcliff and Lt. Adam Carson, are not among your choices. But there are plenty of others! Who will be the fan favorite this year? Vote!

If you would like to submit a bracket for a chance to win a prize, print out the one below, fill out your selections, and email it to IABDMadness@itsallbeendoneradiohour.com! You may submit after we begin, but there will be a lowering point value the longer you wait!

Voting will take place on our Twitter Feed.


Next Voting Opportunity:

Sunday, March 18th from 12p-4p

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 6.36.04 PM.png


This year's participants:

Shane Stefanchik           14

Sam Stark                      14

Dallas Ray                     13

Kristin Green                 12

Nick Arganbright           12

Anna Leeper                  12

Brendan Talty                 12

Keith Jackson                11

Nathan Haley                10

Kyle Jepson                   10

Wendy Parks                  10

Joe Morales                   10

Jim Dailey                     9

Ryan Yohe                     6