Daniel Kravitz is an unhappy thirty-something with no direction in life. Tasked to run the antique shop he has inherited from his parents, he's miserable, but doesn't know how to get himself out of the situation. The one bright spot in his life is his friend and employee Abby, who loves the store.

Then, one day Rufus Reginald Rochester bursts into the establishment to tell Daniel of his destiny as the Chosen One. The only thing that sounds worse to Daniel than his current existence is one in which he is called upon to save the world. Will he be forced to embrace the mantle he despises, or will he finally just be left alone to be miserable on his own?

This series is more serial than most of our stories, so we'll be breaking it down into Volumes. Think of each volume like its own television season. Or collected graphic novel.



Daniel Kravitz (Our Hero) ~ Nathan Haley

Abby Reynolds (His Sidekick) ~ Wendy Parks

Rufus Reginald Rochester (His Mentor) ~ Shane Stefanchik

Grezit the Green (His Captive) ~ Ryan Yohe

Ragina (His Girlfriend) ~ Amanda Iman



Volume One

#1 "Not Bored for Long" ~ Daniel learns he is the Chosen One. (Live Show 8/8/15 | Podcast 1/31/16)

#2 "Get Out" ~ Daniel struggles with accepting his fate while battling Grezit the Green. (Live Show 9/12/15 | Podcast 2/21/16)

#3 "Childish Thing" ~ Training is interrupted by the star of childhood nightmares, Fizzybibbit. (Live Show 10/10/15 | Podcast 3/20/16)

#4 "Children Will Not Listen" ~ Daniel decides he knows best. (Live Show 11/14/15 | Podcast 5/1/16)

#5 "Daniel & Grezit's Crazy Christmas" ~ Daniel and Grezit the Green are trapped in a very strange world. (Note: This is a framework story for the entire hour, not a normal episode.) (Live Show 12/12/15 | Podcast 6/26/16)

#6 "Ragina" ~ Rufus' niece, Ragina, arrives in town. (Live Show 1/9/16 | Podcast Coming 8/7/16)

#7 "Abby Reynolds, Chosen One" ~ Abby sees what it's like to be the Chosen One. (Special Live Show 5/7/16 at Packrat Comics | Podcast 9/4/16)

#8 "Wanda's Wand" ~ A witch is looking for a specific ingredient for her potion. (Live Show 5/14/16 | Podcast 10/30/16)

#9 "Team Work" ~ A challenge arises that requires the skills of the entire group. (Live Show 6/11/16 | Podcast 12/4/16)

#10 "Three's Company" ~ Three brothers go mano y mano with Daniel, Rufus, and Grezit. (Special Live Show at Comfest 6/26/16 | Podcast 1/15/17)

#11 "The Body" ~ One of the team has a very, very bad day. (Live Show 7/16/16 | Podcast 2/26/17)

#12 "State of Disbelief" ~ A secret is revealed. (Live Show 8/20/16 | Podcast 4/2/17)

#13 "A Family Affair" ~ Daniel confronts the Big Bad that has been plaguing him all year. (Live Show 10/8/16)


Volume Two

#14 "Gather 'Round the Fire" ~ Rufus tells a story about his past. (Live Show 12/10/16)

#15 "The Hub" ~ Two new team members arrive, and have we lost someone from the group? (Live Show 1/14/17)

#16 "Blumpkin & Felchy" ~ Grezit's mate arrives to rescue his beloved. (Live Show 2/11/17)