For our Christmas show this year, we are doing a very special Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One mini-musical!

There will be three guests parts available with singing solos. These parts will have little or no dialogue, so it is important to convey the character and their motivations almost or completely just through their song. You will sing with live musicians, and can take some liberties with the style and pacing.

Each of these roles is the ghost of a former Chosen One who were mentored by Rufus, one of our leads (think Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and was killed under Rufus' watch.

The show is Saturday. December 9th, with rehearsals the evening of Tuesday, November 28th and the afternoon of show day. Additionally, we will have at least one other rehearsal with you for your song, but most practice will be done on your own.

None of these characters are American, but we do not want to be racially insensitive. If you want to include an appropriate accent that is fine, but don't make it stereotypical or cartoonish. This is for an audio production, so you do not need to fit the age given.

Auditions for these parts are due October 7, 2017. To audition, please send a clip of you singing a portion of the song with the included instrumental track to auditions@itsallbeendoneradiohour.com. (You do not need to sing the entire song.)


MATT - 22-year-old South American male. Highly personable, outgoing, warm, would never let anyone down, dedicated to his duty and commitments. Became very close with Rufus, who he felt a deep kinship with. Matt was killed because Rufus was too friendly with him and didn't properly train him to defend himself. Matt doesn't blame Rufus for his death, but is sad about it.

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FU MIU - 27-year-old Chinese woman from Macau (think China's Las Vegas). Grew up on the streets. Her mother worked for the elite, and her father was a wealthy gambler Fu never met. Fu hated her mother for her position, and didn't trust the clientele, especially men. Fu did trust Rufus, despite her upbringing and tendencies, and feels deeply betrayed when she found out Rufus wasn't everything she thought he was. Now, she's a bitter, jaded ghost.

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CHANDLER - Late thirties, either male or female, French. Lived in Ars-en-Re, a small, beautiful French village by the sea. Chandler didn't have a great life, but found faith in religion. Chandler worked for the Priory of Saint Etienne and kept mostly to him/herself. Given this, Chandler was very pacifist, and turned the other cheek instead of fighting, resulting in his/her death. Chandler is quite bitter, believes his/her religion might have failed him/her, as did Rufus.

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