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Welcome to our show!

It’s All Been Done Radio Hour is a modern, geeky, scripted comedy show in the style of old-timey radio serials. It is the flagship of It’s All Been Done Presents entertainment network, based in Columbus, Ohio. It was named a Cbus Top Pick by the Columbus Dispatch for Best Hidden Gem in 2018.

Founded in early 2015, it moved to MadLab theatre in March 2016, and continues to reside there today. Each month, a new eighty-minute show is performed live in front of an audience and recorded for podcast. The show is broken down into episodes and put out as a weekly podcast under the same name.

The podcast runs about a year behind the live shows, but raw, unedited audio of recent live shows is available through donating on or with a code found in the program at any of our live shows.

We hope you check us out!

Our Troupe, July 2018

Our Troupe, July 2018